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The evaluation starts with tasting wine after wine after wine - a tough job, we know, but someone's got to do it! As we go through this grueling process we look for a variety of things: color, aromas, teast, food compatibility, and most important value. If the wine in the bottle is not worth what is being asked for it, it does not make the cut. Wine is something that should be enjoyed with family and friends, and it is always easier to enjoy if you know it is worth the money.


Wines are always changing from one vintage to the next, so sometimes old favorites get left behind, but don't despair - that just means some new favorites are finding their way onto the shelves. Wine is not the only thing that changes - as the seasons change, so does our selection, to match the weather outside and the different foods on your table.

We offer a 15% off Wine Case Disount

While our Wine selection is quite large we can’t carry everything, so we specialize in special orders.

Please note that select vintages can most likely NOT be special ordered (ex. Shafer Relentless 2008). We can supply you with the most current released vintage.

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