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Every month, the very knowledgeable staff of Charles Street Liquors picks and displays their favorite product in the store. The shelves at Charles St. Liquors are adorned with highly acclaimed wines, craft beers and rare spirits, along with all the necessities to go along with your drink of choice. Before the products hit the shelves, the staff has the opportunity to taste them and sometimes we taste something so awesome that we feel empowered to share our find with everyone that walks in the store!


In the middle of the store, in the heart of the wine section, you will find the “Staff Picks” wall. Morgan, our resident Certified Specialist of Wine, picked a wine that is under lock and key…. just in case, you know, we have an earthquake or something. Safety First! After tasting hundreds of wines at the Carolina Grand Wine Tasting, and I mean that literally, Morgan said that the Jarvus Petit Verdot was her absolute favorite wine and just had to bring it in the store. “I have always loved Jarvus wines, their Merlot especially. The Petit Verdot was a new one to me and of course I fell in love. It has that Californian feel with big lavish fruit, lots of character, complexity and a style that is like no other. It’s like a girl with freckles, red lipstick and a sassy attitude. She stands out in a crowd.” Morgan said with a smile.


Every employee at Charles Street is fluent in at least one area of the store. Nick is the wine guru. Brad is the spirits whisperer. Amanda, Bill and Andrew know so much about beer that they even work for breweries and trade beer on the side. And Greg, well Greg knows everything about everything and he’ll be your favorite man when he delivers you all your party libations straight to your front door. Yes, we do deliver!


Needless to say, the employees at Charles Street Liquors are not just store clerks, they are passionate about what they love and are eager to share it with you. The next time you visit Charles Street Liquors check out our Staff Picks. We hope our recommendations help you fall in love too!

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